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Super Structures

Cardboard Skyscraper
Corner Market
The Great Cardboard Castle
Magazine Box Town
Red Barn
Ticket Booth
Ship Ahoy!

Cardboard Costumes

Bag of Gross-eries
Chicken Costume
Cowboy Costume
Fire-Breathing Dragon
King of the Asphalt Jungle
Lego Man
Motorcycle and Rider
Pick of the Litter
Rock 'n' Roll Drummer
Washing Machine Costume

Totally Tubular

Go Tube Racer
Mailing Tube Rainsticks
Marble Maze
Paper Palace
Slinky Drum
Spy Periscope
Boredom-Busting Boxes
Cardboard Box Guitar
Cardboard Doll Couch
Finger Puppet Stage
Hotdog Vendor
Mystery Box
Safari Minature Golf
Around the House
Box Office
Cardboard Palm Tree
Instant Dressing Room
Kitchen in a Box Craft
Out & About
Backseat Box
Cereal Box Sandals
Cereal Box Toteback
Step-by-Step Video Instructions
Cereal Box Crafts
Father's Day Frame
Cardboard Tubes
Me-and-You Book
New Year's Countdown Box
Sugar Chalet
Wee Leprechaun
Paper Plate Crafts

Rainy Day Crafts When weather keeps students indoors, keep them busy with these fun and easy-to-make crafts.

Terrific Teacher Gifts Show your teacher how much you appreciate her with these great gifts for the classroom and beyond.

Homemade Musical Instruments
Using recyclables to make music

New! Aboriginal Clap Sticks
Bottle-Cap Tambourines
Bottled Music
Rain Stick
Cardboard Box Guitar
Copper-Pipe Glockenspiel
Margarine Tub Drum
Slinky Drum
Trash Can Drum
Yogurt-cup shakers

New! Little Music Makers
Introducing toddlers to music

Drumroll, Please
Little Music Makers
Simple Shakers
Jingle Bell Socks
Make a Musical Story
Repeat After Me
Mailing Tube Rain Sticks
Sound Lab

Music Fun & Games!
Work in harmony to put on a show!

New! Band in a Basket
New! Fabric Dancing
Music Show
Sound Safari
New! Terrific Tap Shoes
New! Toddler-friendly Musical Chairs

Charming Chimes
Projects that make a beautiful noise

Flowerpot Chime
Garden Noise Maker
Musical Stars & Stripes
Silvery Wind Chimes
Wind Chimes

Animal Friends & Crazy Critters
Costume Corner
Dolls to Make
Festive Fall Crafts
Indoor Boredom Busters
Just for Kids
Outdoor Winter Fun
Planes, Trains & Automobiles
Puppet Pals
Sick Day Activities
Terrific Teacher Gifts
Winter Crafts

Everyday Crafts

Kids starting to climb the walls? Just click on any of the links below for projects that supply hours of fun.
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Fun with Art

Batch of Beetles
Collage House
Cool Clay Recipe
Creative Candle Holders
Decoupage Delights
Papier-Mâché Recipe and Projects
Pipe Cleaner Crafts
Rain Painting
Awesome Buildings
Cardboard Palace
Cardboard Skyscraper
Dollhouse Furniture
House of Cards
Milk Jug House
Paper Log Cabin
Perfect Dollhouse
New Switch Plates
Fancy Paper Wrap Switch Plate
Funny Faces Switch Plate
Golden Butterfly Switch Plate
Rocker Switch Race Car Switch Plate
Sea Collage Switch Plate
Sports Ball Switch Plate
Cool Toys
Backyard Boat
Doll Spa
Full-size Puppet Theater
Mini Puppet Theater and Puppets
Model Cars
Puddle Boat
Soap Box Truck
New! Tiny Clay Treats
Birthday Cake
Caramel Apple
Peanut Butter Cookie
Other Ideas
Bottle Buds
Candy Crafts
Chore Dice
New! How to Make Your Own Play Mat
Ice a Cupcake
Quick Boredom Busters
Wind a Vine

Cool Vehicle Crafts
Start your engines! These crafts zoom, soar, float, and chug -- each one is sure to delight and ignite a child's imagination.

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Wild about Wheels
Art-rageous Cars
Box Car Derby
Hot Rod Racers
Model Car Factory
Race Car Birthday Party
Soapbox Dragsters
Soapbox Truck
Tube Racers
Satellite Recycler
The Trash Masters
Trash Tram
Two-Liter Transporter
Planes and Trains
Box Airplane
Candy Airplane
Paper Gyrocopter Craft
Record-Breaking Paper Airplane
Tin Can Train
Boats to Float
Backyard Wooden Boat
Cool Catamaran
Foil Fleet
How Does a Boat Float?
Jet Boat
Puddle Boat
Ship-Shaped Favors
Super Sailboat
Toy Canoe

Animal Friends & Crazy Critters
Costume Corner
Dolls to Make
Festive Fall Crafts
Indoor Boredom Busters
Just for Kids
Musical Instruments
Outdoor Winter Fun
Planes, Trains & Automobiles

Puppet Pals
Terrific Teacher Gifts
Winter Crafts

Animal Finger Puppets Make a troupe of finger pals for a small-scale performance
Balloon Playmate Inflate and decorate an instant bedside playmate
Boo-Boo Bunny Turn a frown upside down with a cute terry cloth critter
Drawing Made Simple A guide from children's drawing expert Ed Emberley
Erasable Clipboard Make a mobile chalkboard that's just right for bed days
Felt Storytelling Board Inspire imaginative tales with movable characters and props
Funny Faces Give this felt man a shake and he'll put on a whole new face
Knotty Rabbit Turn a piece of flannel or bandana into an impromptu toy
Patchwork Pictures Use a paper-tearing technique to create unique art
Pipe Cleaner Crafts Fun projects that tap the mysterious power of the pipe cleaner
Paper Capers Paper animals, jewelry, puzzles and other easy projects
Set Up House Cut and paste magazine pictures into a dream house
Treasure Bottle Give a toy that's filled with a host of hidden treasures
Bedside Games
Blackjack Play a card game of chance, with or without the jelly beans
Crazy Eights Kids love wild cards, and Crazy Eights has plenty of them
Rock, Paper, Scissors This hands-on contest offers impromptu fun
Roll the Die Kids can practice counting with this simple game of chance
What If? Indulge kids' fondness for asking, and answering, questions
Feel-Good Foods
Berry Banana Smoothie Feed a cold with this sweet, smooth snack
Grilled Cheese and Tomato Grill up a sandwich simple enough for sensitive stomachs
Painted Sandwich Brush on food coloring to create some edible art
Popsicles Offer instant comfort with a throat-cooling treat
Simple Soups Soul-warming soup recipes, including chicken noodle
Snack Attack Whip up bite-sized fare made for nibbling

Celebrate Summer & 4th of July
New! Have a Fan-tastic Fourth
New! Patriotic Pinwheel
New! U.S.A. Paper Airplane
New! What a Catch!
More 4th of July Printables

Great Travel Activities
Road Trip Maze
Car Bingo
Boardwalk Word Search
Magical Picture
More Summer Printables

Outdoor Fun & Games
Kick the Disk
After-Dinner Games
Chalk It Up!
Cool-Off Water & Pool Games
Videos: 6 Summer Games

Creative Activities
New! Bubble Burst Paintings
One-Line Drawing
New! Wind and Rain Game
New! Weather Watching Jars
99 Days of Summer Games


Hop, Wiggle & Roll
I See You!
Alligator Swamp
Freeze Dance
Fun with Foam
Trail's End
Wiggle While You Work
Follow Me!
Around the Kitchen
Little Helper Grocery Game
My First Biscuits
Dish Towel Apron
Kitchen in a Box
Bath Night for Veggies
Little Helpers
Chore-a-Day Magnet
Shake It Up, Baby
Custom Keepsake: Hands-on Server
Hungry Hamper
Folding, Sorting & Matching Fun
My First Cleaning Kit
Traveling Tots
Car-Go Organizer
A Hole Lot of Fun
Rest Stop Games
Anywhere Games
Pint-Size Page Turner
Simple Sanity Savers
Outdoor Fun
Salt Art
Flour Power
Make a Rainbow
Spray Painting
Good Clean Fun
White Mud
Coffee Filter Art
Cool Tools
Magic Goo
Alphabet Games & Activities
My Own Message Board
Letter Magnets
Shape Up!
Personalized ABC Album
Hands-on Alphabet
Alphabet to the Beat
Bathtime Fun
Go Fish
Shampoo Strategies
Sponge Puzzles
Tub-Time Games
Thirsty Bear Towel
Sweet Dreams
Receiving Blanket Bear
"When I Wake Up"
Tell Me a Story
People-Who-Love-Me Mobile
Favorite Nighttime Rituals


The Great Outdoors
Just add water, or snow, or a bunch of friends and have a blast!
7 Snow Games
Baseless Baseball
Cold Potato
Elbow Tag
Follow in My Footsteps
Mother, May I?
My Cup Runneth Over
Pom-Pom Pull Away
Red Rover
Sidewalk Skellzies
Stuff-stacle Course
Everyday Fun
Games to play in the car, at the dinner table, or anywhere.
Dinner Treasure Hunt
In-Between Time Games
Thumbless Challenge
Waiting Games
Goofy Games
Enjoy pretend play and lots of laughs with these games.
Chicken Challenge
Crazy Jump
Group Storytelling
Heads Up
Pass the Parcel
Penguin Games
Cabin Fever Fun
When the weather outside is frightful, make inside oh-so-delightful with these games.
Barefoot Boccie
Beat the Clock
Candy Tic-Tac-Toe
Cornered In
Dog Trainer Says
Four Critters of a Kind
Knock Your Socks Off


Backyard Games
Get outside to enjoy sunny days -- and hours of play -- with friends and family.
Annie, Annie Over
Anything Auction
Crab Soccer
Diminishing Points
Find the Leader
Marble Launch
Octopus Tag
Stumps Tug-of-War
Tell the Truth Tag
Turtle Races
Wolf & Sheep Tag
Bounce-a-Ball Games
Grab a playground ball and a group of friends to play these blacktop contests.
Bull's-Eye Bounce
Feat Ball
Roman Ball
See No Evil
Stop that Ball
Brain Games
Get kids to put on their thinking caps and try these smart diversions.
Bounce Messaging
Como Say What?
Five Senses Competition
Poodle Game
Word for Word
Word Play
Hit the Decks...
...of cards, that is. These classic games are fun for old and young players.
Crazy Eights
Kentucky Card Derby
Living Room Games
Rainy day? Cold outside? Grab a group to have some indoor fun.
Bowling Pin Derby
Cornered In
Hobby Horse Racing
Tabletop Football

AGES 9 TO 12

Just Hangin' Out
Try these games on rainy days, in cold weather, with a few friends, or at a sleepover party.
Cabin Fever Games
Fast Draw
Fishing For Fortunes
Group Storytelling
Magic Manicure
Twenty Questions
Two Truths and a Lie
Give 'Em the Runaround
From variations on tag to goofy relays, these games get kids moving.
After-Dinner Games
Leisure Suit Relay
No Way Out
Rock, Paper, Scissors Tag
Stuck in the Mud
Touch Football
Pavement Games
Fun games for the driveway, playground, and sidewalk.
Around the World
Driveway Baseball
Four Square
Roman Ball
Save the King Dodgeball
Slam Tournament
Snail's Pace
Everybody Plays!
These games are great for parties or whenever kids hang out in big groups.
Anything Auction
Behavior Modification
New York Lemonade
Shadowing the Suspect
Straight Face

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