Tuesday, June 17, 2008

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Compact Disc Jewel Cube Dis…A fun way to display artwork, photos, drawings, digital prints, literary musings, …by totemic

How To Fold A Japanese Cube…Learn how to fold a beautiful Japanese cube from six pieces of paper. The cube can…by Jennifer F.

Shirt MakingThis is me designing a shirt referencing to the game "Portal" This shirt…

Tibetian Prayer Flags"Prayer flags are colorful panels or rectangular cloths often found strung al…by DevoDevo

Quick 'n' Easy Heart Print …Make a one-of-a-kind Heart Print Card in a matter of minutes using markers, water,…by mjwilder787z

Somebunny Loves You
Nothing is more luvable than a bunny and here's one you can make quickly with just a knitted square with some ears and a fuzzy tail!
posted by mleverette on Feb 10, 2008
3.81 (96 ratings) views: 411 comments: 2

My Fuzzy Wuzzy was he?
This Fuzzy guy was so quick to make and only used a small amount of yarn. I crocheted him using Lion Brand Fun Fur along with Lion brand wool. Th…
posted by knitterchic on Feb 3, 2008
2.83 (2 ratings) views: 493 comments: 8

This is an incredibly fast, streamlined paper airplane. it is also very accurate, so you can hit almost any target from 5 or so metres. once, i thr…
posted by mag400 on Mar 6, 2008
views: 314 comments: 2

Katelyn Garcia's Anti-yo video contest entry
Try NOT to hit yourself with a yoyo, it HURTS!!
posted by katelynrox on Mar 1, 2008
views: 75

fischertechnik Spring Flower
This is a description of how to create a simple Spring flower model using fischertechnik elements! I play with different educational manipulative…
posted by ftking_83702 on May 9, 2008
views: 108 comments: 3

http://www.knittingmette.etsy.com name BLUND last name IKEA
posted by knittingmette on Apr 20, 2008
views: 42

Theme Blankets made with LOVE
Handmade Theme blankets for newborns. Made with LOVE. Pick your theme and colors and the rest is the fun part.
posted by enze37 on Feb 8, 2008
3.08 (2 ratings) views: 188 comments: 8

Baby Hats
This is a collection of baby hats which I made to donate to one of my local hospitals on the behalf of an organization called Carewear. These litt…
posted by eeyore82001 on Jan 5, 2008
3.07 (5 ratings) views: 791 comments: 6

Ruffled Baby Dress
This is a bright pink, ruffled baby dress which I made for my first great granddaughter due to be born around Feb 9th. It will be the first girl …
posted by MyCrochetCellar on Jan 5, 2008
3.27 (5 ratings) views: 418 comments: 7

Cheap!, Warm!, Comfortable! Loungers
These were made from necessity. then a friend wanted one to wrap up in so I made her one for Christmas. This is how I come upon the idea. I need…
posted by sdeepthinker on Jan 6, 2008
2.92 (3 ratings) views: 501 comments: 1

Finishing the Unfinished
Here are two projects that went unfinished for a long time. The first was a panel of acrylic/angora (?) yarn that my mother knit in the late 80s. S…
posted by delfino on Feb 15, 2008
3.00 (1 ratings) views: 61 comments: 2

my worry man
I got the idea for this little guy in a (of all things) Bat Man episode. You tell you're worry man you're worries before you go to sleep, and sleep…
posted by Alligator Pie on Feb 2, 2008
2.69 (3 ratings) views: 192 comments: 4

Cute Carpis for Clara
Here are some pictures of my finished project. I had planned to make pants, but ran out of yarn. Next time I will make sure I buy enough yarn. :o…
posted by sunflowergal on Jan 14, 2008
2.73 (1 ratings) views: 141 comments: 2

Precious Emma knitted Hat
This is a hat that I knitted is a combination of fun fur and Jiffy yarn. It is quick and easy and so adorable. size 10 1/2 knitting needles Cast o…
posted by algonacpms on Jan 8, 2008
3.15 (3 ratings) views: 399 comments: 7

Newborn Flower Hat with Booties
This adorable little hat is made with Filati Cervinia Genova sport yarn from Italy. It is 100% acrylic and is machine washable and dryable. I start…
posted by capecodcrochet on Jan 4, 2008
3.31 (6 ratings) views: 579 comments: 7
Tie Dyed PEACE Dress to Sal…This is a dress that I have been making for children. I have this listed in my Et…by littlebitsys

Neat and Easy Pumpkin Carvi…This Pumpkin carving instructable is a great and cheap activity to do with childre…by kmd08

Paper Flower Calender Make an easy paper flower calender the other paper crafts videos http://www.meta…by golics

House Fire Escape Plan
Helpful tips and techniques on how to create and practice a smart emergency escape plan - and make practice fun for the whole family!
posted by WhatHappensNowAdvice on May 30, 2008
views: 61

My daughters sweater
After waiting nine years before having our second child (and finding out it was a girl) I went right in and started making her an afghan and sweate…
posted by babakers5 on Jan 6, 2008
views: 211 comments: 4

knex simple target
You can use this for nice target practice. And it works very simple. simple target You need to build this 2 times. the pices what you can hit…
posted by ferrari484 on Oct 1, 2007
3.15 (10 ratings) views: 1,229 comments: 48

ouija board
i will show you how to make an ouija board, a ouija board is a "portal to the spiritual universe" all in a little board! materials you…
posted by slasher118 on Apr 11, 2008
views: 453 comments: 15

F-16 Falcon
Sweeeeeeeeeeet. a military like plane than not only looks great, but flies even better! watch out! there is a vid of it flying. there is also a vid…
posted by mag400 on Mar 5, 2008
3.00 (1 ratings) views: 805 comments: 3

Toddler Sweaters
My dear best friend from my days living in Colorado became a Grandma last year. In fact, all three of her daughters had their first babies last yea…
posted by notfromTX on Feb 5, 2008
3.08 (2 ratings) views: 281 comments: 5

Play with Granny Square
I love granny square. For me, granny is never dies. Always inspire me. Now, I make a baby set with granny ( jacket, hat, booties and blanket/bed co…
posted by Thata on Feb 9, 2008
views: 288 comments: 4

Rock The Baby
All of these other "contest" tricks scare me. Here's a tried-and-true old trick easily accomplished by anyone who can "sleep." …
posted by mcraghead on Feb 18, 2008
2.58 (2 ratings) views: 415 comments: 2

Jess the Cat
I bought a Sirdar Alan Dart knitting pattern to knit Jess the Cat puppet (of Postman Pat fame) from someone on the Internet. This is the cutest…
posted by stinkymum on Jan 30, 2008
3.31 (6 ratings) views: 337 comments: 4

This is my Nintendo ds holder/stand . Im sorry but i didn't really make instructions for it.I made it for a normal ds not a light. build it bui…
posted by Bartboy on Apr 12, 2008
3.09 (1 ratings) views: 255 comments: 5

The perfect noogie (short and sweet)
how to master a big brothers favorite mean joke: the noogie. Watch and learn brother! Credit- I burrowed: http://www.c4vct.com/kym/guests/noog03.gi…
posted by chasbot on Feb 21, 2008
views: 216 comments: 1

Super Sweater Snake!
This is a fun funky snake made of sleeves from recycled wool sweaters. It can be whatever length you want, this one was about 5 ft. It was a xmas…
posted by DotatDabbled on Jan 7, 2008
3.08 (2 ratings) views: 674 comments: 4

Knitted Clowns
These knitted clowns are made with oddments of Lion Brand Yarns http://cache.lionbrand.com/cgi-bin/yarnInfo.cgi?yarnPageIndex=1 and Red Heart, http…
posted by stinkymum on Jan 13, 2008
3.21 (4 ratings) views: 231 comments: 4

How to make a friend
everyone needs friends, they're things you cant live without. and i mean EVERYONE! ...everyone. the meet. first things first. don't be a creep…
posted by INSTRUCTUBAL on Apr 3, 2008
views: 930 comments: 6

Tubular paper airplane
This is a simple and safe plane that anyone can make. Finding the center Fold in half (corner A to D), then fold opposite corners together (cor…
posted by stanhold on Mar 26, 2008
3.00 (1 ratings) views: 575 comments: 4

American Girl knit tan outfit
Our granddaughter Brooke has an American Girl doll named Allison. Allison needed clothes so with some Lion Brand "Vanna's Choice" yarn an…
posted by nhaig on Feb 8, 2008
3.08 (2 ratings) views: 438 comments: 2

FEATUREDHow to Make a 3D Bunny Cake
Why settle for a boring pan-moulded, 2 dimensional cake design when you can have a beautiful 3D bunny as the centerpiece for the party? I've provi…
posted by MH850 on Mar 2, 2008
3.15 (3 ratings) views: 3,839 comments: 4

Wool Soaker
Wool soaker for cloth diapers. A friend thought she wouldn't be able to have another child, and was so very excited to be pregnant with a preciou…
posted by trshtwns01 on Feb 2, 2008
3.00 (1 ratings) views: 360 comments: 5

stripey snake
This stripey snake comes from a pattern in Zoe Mellor's book, Knitted Toys. I used some yarn that my aunt bought at a garage sale as well as a few…
posted by rachspencer on Jan 18, 2008
3.27 (5 ratings) views: 463 comments: 7

Tweety Bird Afghan
I made this for my daughter who had everything in her room done in tweety bird. It is done with a G hook, 4-ply worsted weight yarn and a picture t…
posted by momrules1 on Feb 3, 2008
3.27 (5 ratings) views: 273 comments: 6

tickle me tender tickle me sweet
this little guy is made from lion brand worsted weight yarn
posted by emmafair on Feb 18, 2008
2.83 (2 ratings) views: 153 comments: 2

ed's A-Y entry 2 - Koan
koan is a trick that i have worked on for a while. i guess most would call it a combo, which is fine with me too. parts of it are kinda cool. heres…
posted by kinopah on Feb 23, 2008
3.00 (1 ratings) views: 250 comments: 4

this little guy is made with lion cotton worsted weight yarn and measures approximately 7 inches tall. he has armature wire inside so tha the can …
posted by emmafair on Feb 17, 2008
3.00 (1 ratings) views: 145 comments: 2

Little Miss Valentine
This is a little doll I knitted for Valentine's day. She is called Little Miss Valentine. I knitted her from a Jean Greenhowe pattern from her bo…
posted by stinkymum on Feb 9, 2008
2.94 (6 ratings) views: 331 comments: 1

pencil, crayon or marker art stand
this is just a simple stand made out of the original box. what u need is 1 crayon, marker, or pencil box,1 x-acto knife, and two hands. preparara…
posted by wiiman07 on Jan 27, 2008
2.73 (1 ratings) views: 313 comments: 4

[Collegiate Meals] Bachelor Tunasalad Sandwich
A quick and easy recipe for tunasalad sandwiches with a minimum of clean up. This may not be the most flavorful tunafish salad, but a bachelor or c…
posted by Discopants on May 25, 2008
views: 372 comments: 5

happy baby blanket
This is the happy baby blanket and hat I made for my nephew. The blanket was a featured Lion Brand pattern and the hat was a pattern of my own. The…
posted by bearswife on Jan 5, 2008
3.00 (1 ratings) views: 426 comments: 7

Toss It! Speed challenge: The Classic
Well, I hope to kick off this contest with a bang by introducing the airplane that everyone knows and loves, the Classic airplane that you've made …
posted by Firebert010 on Feb 29, 2008
3.09 (1 ratings) views: 631 comments: 6

Simona doll clothes
I make doll clothes. With two granddaughters that is a full time project. This outfit is a full length coat for the Simona (Furga) doll. Because Br…
posted by nhaig on Feb 8, 2008
3.00 (1 ratings) views: 236 comments: 1

Speedy Gonzales: How to Make a Mousetrap Racecar
Oh, what better a way to start off the new semester than by building a racecar? Why, building a racecar using a mousetrap, of course! In this Inst…
posted by Labot2001 on Jan 15, 2008

I made this using red heart 4-ply yarn and a graph I found on-line. It is done in single crochet. I made it for my friends daughter (Ebony) who jus…
posted by momrules1 on Jan 23, 2008
3.27 (5 ratings) views: 185 comments: 9

Created for my 10-month old niece. Pattern concept by Pat Liles and documented here. Individual square patterns are from the book '200 crochet bl…
posted by ariaya on Jan 14, 2008
3.07 (5 ratings) views: 261 comments: 8

How to put a jacket (kids)
Good Trick For Your Kids. How to help them to dress by their own.
posted by fourirenet on Apr 1, 2008
views: 230 comments: 4

Heart-Shaped Chocolate holder
A small basket that can hold small gifts for your valentine. A very quick,easy and cheap valentines day gift. This is my entry for the Share The L…
posted by Bobbert72 on Feb 12, 2008
3.00 (4 ratings) views: 752

Mr. Lunch-head
Mr. Breakfast, meet Mr. Lunch-head ... I wanted my young boys to eat all of their lunch, so I thought a little repackaging might be in order. I c…
posted by homba on Feb 5, 2008
3.00 (1 ratings) views: 230

An simple air plane anyone can make
Ok people this is my first instructables and my first contest. This is the simplest airplane that i was tought by my mom. she tought me this when i…
posted by Jr Hacking kid on Mar 16, 2008
views: 126 comments: 4

Brianna's Christmas present
Brianna has just opened her Christmas present that I made for her by crocheting it. I used the new Bernat Chunky Twist yarn. As you can see, she to…
posted by tinttara on Jan 12, 2008
views: 167 comments: 4

How to use the fischertechnik Rivet Holder (the Riegelschlussel)!
This instructable describes how to use the fischertechnik Rivet Holder! I play with different educational manipulatives for a living. (Visit www.w…
posted by ftking_83702 on Feb 12, 2008
views: 431 comments: 3

Make horn from a grass
How to make cool horn from a big grass. You will need a huge grass that you can find in forest,on some villages or field. First step Find that …
posted by Anton1995 on Apr 16, 2008
views: 537 comments: 6

Lion Brand Instructables Slideshow Shells Layette by clauria4
This is a pink and white baby girl's shell stitch and double crochet layette. This set includes a blanket, sweater, bonnet and booties. Details inc…
posted by clauria4 on Feb 8, 2008
3.18 (7 ratings) views: 310 comments: 10

How to make a Popsicle stick sled ornament for under $2
Why make your own ornaments? Making ornaments at home is a great project for the kids at Christmas. It is easier than you think and will give you (…
posted by The Uber Maker on Jan 14, 2008
3.15 (3 ratings) views: 585 comments: 3

Hi Everyone, My slideshow only gives a 'FLAVOR' as to what 'Our Mission' at Kozy Kaps 4 Kids, is about. I have developed a Not-for-Profit organizat…
posted by Marleneb on Feb 10, 2008
3.00 (1 ratings) views: 227 comments: 1

how to make a nerf deer slug
If you want to sting your friends,this is for you!!! Take off the blue part gently take off the entire scution cup.Do not toucg the foam! Buil…
posted by igortv123 on Jun 9, 2008
3.04 (2 ratings) views: 261 comments: 3

There is overwhelming incomplete or incorrect advice as to how to study for the SAT Reasoning Test. This will show you how to do it the RIGHT WAY, …
posted by xvtsai on May 15, 2008
2.75 (2 ratings) views: 175 comments: 6

fischertechnik Valentine's Heart
My vision was to create a Valentine's Heart using fischertechnik elements. I play with different educational manipulatives for a living. (Visit w…
posted by ftking_83702 on Feb 19, 2008
2.83 (2 ratings) views: 245 comments: 1

Cute Creations
Here are a bunch of things I have made as gifts for friends and family. They are all originals.
posted by rikerenge on Feb 18, 2008
3.00 (1 ratings) views: 283 comments: 1

Ruffled Fisherman Baby Bunting
This is a baby bunting that I love to make for people. I bought a pattern from someone in England on Ebay and the ruffle is from that pattern and t…
posted by capecodcrochet on Jan 28, 2008
3.15 (3 ratings) views: 329 comments: 10

How to write kids poems.
I think joy comes from listening, reading and seeing joy in others and i very nice way to show this is poems. Poems come in many different styles …
posted by duck-lemon on Apr 3, 2008
3.00 (1 ratings) views: 253 comments: 4

original design toddler clothes
These are original designs, the vests are crocheted with acrylic rug yarn, one coat has a 4 ply acrylic yarn with a fabric bottom, and the other on…
posted by gildedlilydesign on Feb 9, 2008
3.00 (1 ratings) views: 239 comments: 2

FEATUREDHomemade Travel Games
These instructions are for a 3 x 5 inch travel game you can fold up and take with you. Gather supplies - colored felt (pick colors so you can ha…
posted by not-bob on Jan 9, 2008
3.00 (1 ratings) views: 2,216 comments: 4

Pinky the Purple Panda
Pinky is an amigurumi toy crocheted in Lion Brand Homespun yarn with a Boye US size G crochet hook. He is wearing a chic cropped sweater knit with …
posted by jaevairny on Feb 17, 2008
views: 326 comments: 1

How To Make 3d Picture
Using 3 foto you cann make 3d pic.
posted by golics on Jan 3, 2008
3.21 (4 ratings) views: 1,947 comments: 3

Bionicle Ghost Rider
This Instructable is on how to make a bionicle Ghost Rider. It's made from Vezon from the set Vezon and Fenrhak, Jaller, Takadox, and Toa Tahu. T…
posted by Jaller... on Jun 7, 2008
2.75 (6 ratings) views: 194 comments: 8

How to draw a star flower
If you like this Instructable please vote for me this is my first time doing an instructable. This star flower is not hard at all on a scale 1 - 1…
posted by Pinkbaby369 on May 4, 2008
2.75 (4 ratings) views: 386

Easy & Simple Lego Muzzleloader
How To Make Easy & Simple Lego Muzzleloader. To Make This, It took me 1 hour or maybe 2. You Will Need: Legos 2 Rubber Bands I'll Tell You B…
posted by Juusom95 on Feb 25, 2008
views: 616

Wii wheel
All you need are these items: A plate (small is better) A wii remote and some scotch or masking tape The wrist strap Tape the wrist strap strap…
posted by Bartboy on Apr 11, 2008
views: 676 comments: 12

Lego Necklace(Easy!)
Its just a man or women connected(knots) to a string! Things you need Get a your Favourite lego minifig a string. Tieing Now Tie your string …
posted by hankyarbo on Jun 11, 2008
2.50 (2 ratings) views: 59 comments: 2

Valerina ballerinas!
I love to knit toys and I especially like knitting these ballerina dolls (I call them Valerina's because my name is Valerie!) They are knitted fr…
posted by stinkymum on Jan 15, 2008
3.42 (9 ratings) views: 676 comments: 11

Valentine's Day messenger
Wishing you happy Valentine's Day with this little gift doll, in the form of a page boy bearing flowers and bottle of champagne - all knitted in od…
posted by stinkymum on Feb 10, 2008
2.92 (3 ratings) views: 189 comments: 1

Easy way to remember the days in each month
If you cannot remember the rhyme to give you the days in each month use your knuckles instead. It's easy to do using the knuckles on both hands, al…
posted by knaven on Feb 24, 2008
views: 535 comments: 1

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setting up a kids fishtank
how to set up a kids fishtank choosing a tank get a nice colorful plastic aquarium other things to get small filter small airpump choosing …
posted by axol123 on May 26, 2008
views: 247 comments: 7

How to make a rubberband ball!!
You wanna make the world's biggest rubber band ball? Well too bad.. BUT!!! You can make your very own little rubber band ball if you just do te ste…
posted by andybrbz on Mar 29, 2008
views: 638 comments: 5

FEATUREDSharp Pencil Quality TV
The Future of TV is here folks! Sharp Pencil Quality TV! Here's my papercraft TV set with a film strip of selected frames from a movie. The strip …
posted by StaneStane on Oct 18, 2006
3.64 (29 ratings) views: 19,379 comments: 40

Scooby-Dooby Doo !!!!
This is my favorite afghan I have done. I made it for my son's 4th birthday. He wanted a scooby themed party and a scooby blanket.So I made this us…
posted by momrules1 on Feb 4, 2008
3.39 (8 ratings) views: 334 comments: 5

Crocheted Capris for Clara
Pink and Purple yarn crocheted into an adorable pair of pants for a toddler. To make your own, you need to begin by measuring your child. Measure…
posted by sunflowergal on Jan 14, 2008
3.08 (2 ratings) views: 214 comments: 3

Airplane Covering-With Plastic Wrap!
So, you spent six months finding five-minute breaks to glue in struts and bend longerons. Finally, the kit instructions say something along the lin…
posted by CameronSS on May 21, 2008
3.27 (5 ratings) views: 697 comments: 12

Doctor Spy.
O k. This is basicily a cool game I use to play when I was in 1st-6th grade in gym. Since I think it's so cool, I am going to share it with you. Ho…
posted by Domindude3 on Jan 16, 2008
2.73 (1 ratings) views: 1,298 comments: 6

Red-Nose Reindeer Slippers
I knitted these Red-Nose Reindeer Slippers for my 2 year old niece for Christmas this year. I've only seen her two times so far so I try to send th…
posted by mjwilder787z on Jan 26, 2008
3.00 (1 ratings) views: 94 comments: 2

Crocheted and Felted Lion
This a crocheted and felted wool lion. He's sandy brown in color with a mane made of Lion's brand Fun Fur yarn. He measures around 8 inches (20cm)…
posted by nuffer on Jan 12, 2008
3.15 (10 ratings) views: 1,464 comments: 13

ed's A-Y entry - Picture Tricks
A Few Fun Picture Tricks... sure, youre awesome at complex 1a tricks. ladder escape and rancid milk represent tiny elements within your massive te…
posted by kinopah on Feb 23, 2008
3.08 (2 ratings) views: 515 comments: 8

Bean Bag Rattlesnake Craft
GO GO Glue Gun FunA very easy glue gun craft with a real "rattle" tail. Fun for kids, tweens and teens. Enjoy!!
posted by candeelady on Mar 22, 2008
views: 453 comments: 1

Bending Light
Make a liquid optical fiber and watch light go around corners!
posted by howtoons on Sep 22, 2005
3.00 (4 ratings) views: 10,411 comments: 6

make a lego rapid fire blow gun
This is a gun that I made that fires small lego pieces by blowing into it. When I was building it I didn't know how well it would fire. It has only…
posted by jonnxt on May 25, 2008
2.68 (1 ratings) views: 157

Build a Durable Jump Rope
Making a nearly indestructible jump rope for yourself or for your child is fairly simple. (You could say this is a nearly indestructible instructab…
posted by mrhealthpatriot on Jan 7, 2008
views: 602 comments: 1

Card and Rope Magic Trick - How to do it - DIY - MagicSir
Learn how to do this amazing Card and Rope Magic Trick
posted by magicsir on Dec 13, 2007
2.92 (3 ratings) views: 2,302 comments: 5

Crocheted Girls Caps
BernatLeisure ArtsThese are some cool crocheted caps I made for the girls in my life this year for the holidays. They loved them and they were suc…
posted by PeggyCarty on Jan 5, 2008
3.00 (4 ratings) views: 714 comments: 6

Disney Towel Animals
I have been to Disney World a couple times. I always wonder how they made those eye catching towel animals. After hard, hard work I found out! Toda…
posted by funwithfire325 on Apr 5, 2008
views: 421 comments: 3

Braveheart William Wallace Halloween
posted by plastiktoe on Mar 16, 2008
views: 187 comments: 3

Velcro quick change shirt (including no-sew option)
change your style without changing your shirt (please remember to vote!) you will need a shirt & a little bit of imagination item you want …
posted by zenilorac on Apr 1, 2008
views: 617 comments: 3

Crocheted Cupcakes
I found this pattern (http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=5284616) for crocheted cupcakes and have been making them for days. I used le…
posted by nor_lou on Feb 12, 2008
3.19 (3 ratings) views: 493 comments: 4

Skating Set of Clothes for the American Girl doll
My granddaughter received an American Girl doll for Christmas, and wanted - no NEEDED - clothes for her "Allison". This set was made with…
posted by nhaig on Feb 8, 2008
3.00 (1 ratings) views: 399 comments: 1

Make your own night light soap dispenser.
Have you ever needed a night light but didn't like the fact that it plugs into the receptacle and takes up both plugs, or covers the other one? Her…
posted by martymunch on May 20, 2008
3.09 (1 ratings) views: 601 comments: 7

The Eagle Jet Paper Airplane "you cannot hide" ;-)
This is a tutorial for the "Eagle Jet". I have seen it many times before but not on of it has colored Wings. Here is a short demonstra…
posted by one-lightbulb on Mar 3, 2008
3.00 (1 ratings) views: 1,832 comments: 6

FEATUREDFunky Fleecy Robot Scarf
When the weather turned cold after christmas, my 2 year old saw my scarf and wanted a scarf of his own. The boy loves robots (who doesn't!) and I …
posted by DotatDabbled on Jan 9, 2008
3.31 (6 ratings) views: 1,065 comments: 2

FEATUREDBat-Mobile hanging toy, for babies and goths
My niece, Carys, just turned one and loves wind chimes, mobiles, and other things that hang from above. For Christmas, I decided to make her a cut…
posted by steampunk_rocker on Jan 14, 2008
3.15 (3 ratings) views: 1,683 comments: 13

FEATURED3D Puppy or Kitten Cake
I got a call from the local Animal Rescue League a few months after we adopted our dog for a donation to their annual bake sale fund raiser. I want…
posted by ArtisticSugarworks on Apr 27, 2008
3.34 (6 ratings) views: 1,247 comments: 10

Build a Toy Train to Fight for What's Right
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY In a pure technical documenation style, starkly simple, I hope to reflect: (1) How the construction of personal and personalize…
posted by Wade Tarzia on Jan 30, 2007
3.08 (2 ratings) views: 4,213 comments: 9

fischertechnik Easter Egg Robot
How to create a programmable Easter Egg Robot using fischertechnik elements! I play with different educational manipulatives for a living. (Visit…
posted by ftking_83702 on May 7, 2008
3.08 (2 ratings) views: 550 comments: 9

How To Make a Awesome Plane That You Can Control
This is how to make an awesome paper airplane that you can control to turn up turn down and do spins depending on how you turn the rudders on the b…
posted by magicspace on Mar 9, 2008
3.08 (2 ratings) views: 1,279 comments: 3

Crocheted Toys (Amigurumi)
I recently got interested in amigurumi (crocheted dolls and animals). My first one was a crocheted bunny for my daughter's 3rd birthday. I used t…
posted by Crafty Shanna on Feb 8, 2008
3.08 (2 ratings) views: 1,038 comments: 7

The Best Beginer Knex Gun by "bannana inventor"
This is a gun you would make if you want a fast build. I know this is an awful gun, so don't expect the best gun in the world here, O.K.. Pieces …
posted by bannana inventor on Jun 13, 2008
1.83 (8 ratings) views: 63 comments: 13

stuffed sheep
This Christmas present almost drove me crazy! I got the pattern from a book which I shall not mention that I will never, ever, use again because 3…
posted by DrJPollard on Feb 11, 2008
3.00 (1 ratings) views: 265 comments: 2

Lion Brand Contest - Crocheted Dolly Dress & Bonnet Set
Shows the dress and bonnet set I made and some of the thought process that went into making it. Materials: 1-2 skeins of Lion Brand Color Waves Ya…
posted by common_sense_mom on Feb 8, 2008
3.00 (1 ratings) views: 263 comments: 9

FEATUREDfart machine
this awesome little device will obsolete the whoopee cushion. make it in minutes, disturb and delight your friends and family. ingredients coat…
posted by saul on Aug 5, 2005
3.13 (13 ratings) views: 18,631 comments: 23

Integrating LEDs with fischertechnik
This instructable describes how to integrate LEDs with fischertechnik elements! My original vision was to create a mechanical video game that wou…
posted by ftking_83702 on Feb 10, 2008
views: 793 comments: 5

How to Rhinestone
A how to guide for anyone who wants to rhinestone shoes or any other objects. Selecting the Correct Rhinestone Size When you decide you want to …
posted by fialafeet on Feb 13, 2008
2.73 (1 ratings) views: 214

Girls Poncho Set with Toys
I made this poncho set from Lion Brand's Romance acrylic,mohair yarn. A store nearby was selling this the big 8oz skeins of this yarn for only $5.…
posted by capecodcrochet on Jan 6, 2008
3.15 (3 ratings) views: 301 comments: 6

Digesting Dragon
This is a dragon that digests paper. Get the following materials: You will need: a soda bottle paper tape a supply of water Lots of tape …
posted by leperdy on Jun 12, 2008
3.09 (1 ratings) views: 504 comments: 11

My Twin Ponchos
These are ponchos I made from a Lion Brand pattern using Caron yarn for my 15 month old twin neice and nephew. I made a similar one for their older…
posted by jtworld53 on Feb 12, 2008
2.83 (2 ratings) views: 113 comments: 1

Resize a pirate hat to fit a baby or small child.
I'm sure if you have children you know how important it is to have a properly sized tricorn, aka pirate's hat. Here I will show you how I turned a…
posted by rupamagic on Feb 9, 2008
3.08 (2 ratings) views: 768

How To Make A Paper Puppet In Under 90 Seconds!
This is a cool little paper puppet I learned how to make when I was a kid. It's very easy to make. - 1st you need a blank sheet of paper and a pe…
posted by johnnyrockstah on Dec 6, 2007
views: 1,452 comments: 1

crazy worm
an old but great toy made out of a glass marble or steel ball and some aluminum foil
posted by UBIQ.TV on Jan 13, 2008
views: 723 comments: 2

FEATUREDKids Polystyrene Wall Art
High winds blew packaging material from a nearby building site all around our town. The pieces of polystyrene got lodged in trees, shrubbery, ever…
posted by j-bar03 on Mar 6, 2008
3.50 (12 ratings) views: 2,286 comments: 13

Diagonal blankety blankets
I love the Lion Brand pattern for the diagonal baby blankets, http://www.lionbrand.com/cgi-bin/patternFinder.fcgi?search=Search&searchText=diag…
posted by stinkymum on Jan 16, 2008
3.08 (2 ratings) views: 701 comments: 3

How to make a farting noise with a straw
How to make a gross sounding noise with a straw. Put in the straw First insert the straw into your armpit. Blow Then blow until it makes a we…
posted by Marioman on Apr 5, 2008
3.17 (2 ratings) views: 376 comments: 1

FEATUREDSurfing with Kids (part 1: mod your longboard)
I have two daughters and I'm excited to get them surfing. Last summer when I was in Hawaii I saw a mother and her two kids catching some waves with…
posted by lebowski on Feb 1, 2008
3.15 (3 ratings) views: 1,127 comments: 4

Basic Shadow Puppets
Got light, a wall, and a free hand or two? It doesn't even have to be fancy: sunshine will do! Here's the "dog": The Bunny His perso…
posted by stasterisk on Dec 21, 2007
3.00 (1 ratings) views: 915 comments: 10

How to Make a Paper Cup
I'll be showing you how to make a paper cup. Materials You'll be needing a square piece of paper. Folding Starts Now fold into a triangle. …
posted by greenade45 on Mar 5, 2008
views: 560 comments: 3

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hello I am French Then he risks to have faults there .So you will need: 1.one rubber band 2.hard iron thread 3.Adhesive tape bow 8cm cut thr…
posted by daftnico74 on Jun 8, 2008
2.10 (5 ratings) views: 294 comments: 5

FEATUREDMake a Valentine's Day sock monkey!
A few weeks ago I got an idea for a new Instructable. It's actually pretty easy to make and doesn't take very long. They also make great Valentine'…
posted by Sunbanks on Feb 8, 2008
3.24 (7 ratings) views: 2,628 comments: 11

Peanut Candies (Irresistible!)
You only need three ingredients and some minutes to prepare this delicious candies for your children. These candies are known as GarrapiÃ��&…
posted by marcelo7300 on Jun 6, 2008
views: 309 comments: 5

Rubber band car
just a basic rubber band car Click my name to see my truck, There is A new add on pack coming out this week.
posted by general zee on Jun 2, 2008
2.88 (2 ratings) views: 297 comments: 3

Cool Finger trick ! Try it now.
Try then rate.
posted by golics on Feb 25, 2008
3.19 (3 ratings) views: 687 comments: 5

K'nex Lightsaber
The title is exactly what it is. To make the one in the picture, you will need: 32 red rods, 32 orange connectors, 6 white connectors, and 8 grey r…
posted by Jaller... on May 17, 2008
3.00 (2 ratings) views: 390 comments: 4

Crocheted Crowns
Crown Pattern I made Yule Crowns for all my daughters little friends, and for my son ;) I used the Living Crafts pattern, and embellished the cr…
posted by spookygirl on Jan 4, 2008
3.00 (1 ratings) views: 915 comments: 5

A flowered baby blanket.
Kiteman has been on at me to write an instructable, so the fortuitous coincidence of the flower contest and our neighbour giving birth to a little …
posted by Kitewife on May 10, 2008
3.48 (11 ratings) views: 232 comments: 7

monster spray
here is a way to make a special spray to keep away monsters and bad dreams. (p.s. this is mostly for little preschoolers) 1. 1. find an empty sp…
posted by mason10198 on May 2, 2008
3.00 (1 ratings) views: 468 comments: 6

Toys Galore
love to knit toys, and I love to take photographs! I have knitted and given away so many toys in the past, but before I give them away I always …
posted by stinkymum on Jan 20, 2008
3.42 (9 ratings) views: 692 comments: 10

FEATUREDBobblebot Robot
Is that a robot in your pocket or are you just glad to see me? Since the extinction of the the pocket protector, what else could replace the ubiqu…
posted by caitlinsdad on Mar 15, 2008
3.12 (6 ratings) views: 2,850 comments: 13

how to juggle
In this Instructable I will teach you how to juggle 3 balls in a cascade pattern. Once you learn how to juggle 3 balls you can move onto different…
posted by cannadakid on May 29, 2008
3.05 (1 ratings) views: 274 comments: 3

How To make Oobleck!
Oobleck is my fav thing and i'm just showing you how to make it. it's really simple.. ~My camera died Sorry~ EDIT: Title changed Stuff nee…
posted by pick a poison on Feb 8, 2007
3.27 (5 ratings) views: 8,800 comments: 28

cd/balloon hovercraft
the air tube first cut a hole in the sunny d cap, big enough for the straw. then stick the straw in and make sure it doest stick out. connec…
posted by brandonham8 on Dec 1, 2007
2.83 (2 ratings) views: 2,020 comments: 2

FEATUREDUmbrella Parachutes
I have been making parachutes from umbrellas for years. The nylon is from an old umbrella and is perfect for them. Now that I have kids I get to us…
posted by bwente on Mar 4, 2008
3.15 (3 ratings) views: 1,652 comments: 13

Large Granny Square Baby Blanket
I crocheted this granny square blanket for my best friend's baby daughter for Christmas. It was my first crochet project and couldn't have been ea…
posted by ctunstead on Jan 7, 2008
3.08 (2 ratings) views: 1,243 comments: 4

Film Container CO2 Rocket.
With a little kitchen chemistry and some bathroom brilliance, you can turn an ordinary 35mm film container into an awesome display of thrust. I ha…
posted by redcrate on Jul 19, 2007
2.75 (6 ratings) views: 6,421 comments: 21

$.05 Toy Hovercraft / Helicopter
This instructable will show you how to make a simple toy hovercraft for small children. It is suitable for daycare projects, science projects (aero…
posted by Hoopajoo on Oct 19, 2006
3.44 (15 ratings) views: 24,459 comments: 55

This Instructable will teach you how to step by step "finger weave". items: …
posted by mt.+ on Mar 29, 2008
views: 592 comments: 1

Baby blanket for Polly
My friend's daughter in England had a baby girl, and I wanted to knit her a very special blanket. I used Lion Brand's pound of love http://cache.…
posted by stinkymum on Jan 14, 2008
3.15 (3 ratings) views: 903 comments: 7

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle crochet puppet doll
This is an 18 inch tall hand puppet/doll, all made from crochet. I used a G hook and Red Heart yarn. The pattern comes from Kathleen Early's webs…
posted by Cees on Jan 6, 2008
3.15 (3 ratings) views: 719 comments: 9

Paper Helicopter
Who needs a paper air plane when you can have a paper helicopter? Supplies Supplies 1. One 8.5" by 11" piece of paper 2. Ruler 3. S…
posted by The magical duct tape kid on Mar 2, 2008
3.08 (2 ratings) views: 1,891 comments: 21

Warm fuzzies are cute, warm, and fuzzy creatures. They have round bodies and flat feet. To visit my warm fuzzy site click here. Gathering Materia…
posted by YoYoshi100 on Feb 1, 2008
3.39 (8 ratings) views: 2,149 comments: 6

CD Spectroscope in a Box, Spectrograph
While many others have done this project, I worked at optimizing the view angles and publishing these. CD Spectrograph in a Box is a simple educati…
posted by jeandeau on Apr 28, 2008
views: 680 comments: 2

Mardi Gras King Cake
My family's favorite cake is King Cake! A King Cake is associated with Mardi Gras (it is also linked with Epiphany and the Christmas season, acco…
posted by ftking_83702 on Apr 21, 2008
3.08 (2 ratings) views: 384 comments: 7

Lion Brand Contest - Baby Mickey Blanket
Baby Mickey was started for a co-worker's baby shower. Somehow it never made it to her. I finished it for this slid show. I've made many blankets a…
posted by sheregal on Feb 9, 2008
3.00 (1 ratings) views: 209 comments: 3

Decorative Wooden Snowman Family.
I made these quite a while ago, and just dug them out of the attic. I desided to tell you how to make this merry family. They are very simple to …
posted by Spl1nt3rC3ll on Dec 8, 2007
2.83 (2 ratings) views: 942 comments: 6

Pablo the Penguin
My grandson (1) loves the penguin from the Backyardigans TV show so Grammy had to make him one of his own. Silly Grammy made his bowtie the wrong c…
posted by rsislandcrafts on Jan 19, 2008
views: 352 comments: 4

Knex auto-loading marble gun
This is a auto-loading gun that is very simple. It dose not use a trigger but you pull the pin back and let go to fire. Barrel Build this (I cou…
posted by Bartboy on May 15, 2008
2.96 (3 ratings) views: 564 comments: 12

Make an Uber Paper Airplane
Make the Avro Arrow of paper airplanes parts Parts list 1. paper 2. pen 3. scissors 4. tape (optional) first fold fold in half hot dog style …
posted by icanryme2002 on Dec 3, 2006
3.42 (14 ratings) views: 17,648 comments: 19

Micro (or mini) aircraft
A little, but little little, sail glider maked in 5 minutes First, draw it The measures are approximate, need not be accurate. Mi finger and …
posted by rimar2000 on Apr 25, 2008
3.00 (1 ratings) views: 971 comments: 13

mp7a1 knex gun slideaction reloadable
this is my mp7a1 knex gun it is slideaction reloadable and looks realy well it has hot a small magazine for about 10 bullets my instructable wil…
posted by your gun stinks on Jun 10, 2008
views: 236 comments: 14

The Rapier
This paper airplane is named (I'm assuming) after the sword that it (somewhat) resembles. It was shown to me by a friend and is an easy airplane to…
posted by Gjdj3 on Mar 1, 2008
views: 439 comments: 5

Met card love heart.
Do you have an old met card that you have left over in your wallet? Or do you just need something to do when you are bored? Well, try this met car…
posted by daviddd on Jun 13, 2008
views: 142 comments: 1

Madaline Rose - Cotton-Ease Bunny
Bunny Madaline Rose was a fun project. I found her pattern in the "knitsimple" spring/summer 2007 magazine. Using left over Lion Brand'…
posted by Pamelajjean on Jan 21, 2008
2.92 (3 ratings) views: 458 comments: 8

FEATUREDPimp your kids ride
With summer about over, give your kid something that they'll be proud to swing a leg around for that fall ride to school. With a quick fork extensi…
posted by bgoldin on Sep 5, 2005
3.16 (9 ratings) views: 20,588 comments: 23

How to Make the Waterbomb paper airplane
This is my first instructable so tell me what i can do better. This is a fast, and smooth flying plane. It is my own design so im not copying anyon…
posted by joey2542667 on Jan 1, 2008
views: 1,141 comments: 11

Gift Packing :) Nice Way
Pack you gift easy and nice using stapler.
posted by golics on Jan 9, 2008
views: 1,684 comments: 4

Cicada Paper-air-plane
I have named this the cicada plane because the nose resembles a cicada! When adjusted correctly it will fly in an eradic manner just like a cicada …
posted by srgtjim on Jun 6, 2008
views: 199

a guide to pokemon and the games(not DS)
pokemon is a great game but it can be hard if you don't know what your doing with it. this instructable will give you the basics of pokemon, so eve…
posted by knexsuperbulderfreak on Jun 10, 2008
2.23 (5 ratings) views: 297 comments: 47

Bouncy Lindor Chocolate
In this instructable, I will be showing you how to make a bouncy Lindor Chocolate! It is VERY easy to do. Supplies You will need: -Lindor Choco…
posted by Shadow Ops on Jan 18, 2008
2.69 (3 ratings) views: 582 comments: 10

fischertechnik Recycle Symbol (Green Theme)
How to create a model of the recycling symbol using fischertechnik elements! I play with different educational manipulatives for a living. (Visit …
posted by ftking_83702 on Apr 10, 2008
views: 526 comments: 4

Book Display for Children's Library Books
Display library bound books cover out. Build a track to set them in. This requires a wood base conter top, most commonly used in school and public…
posted by edmondslibrarian on Sep 22, 2007
3.00 (1 ratings) views: 1,431

Robot drawing
These are some of my sister's (7yrs) robot drawings.
posted by LinuxH4x0r on Jan 1, 2008
3.16 (9 ratings) views: 1,008 comments: 17

Team building exercises
Basically I will be describing some Team based Exercises that, done right WILL help kids( and less then intelligent adults) to be better in a team …
posted by urias on Mar 31, 2008
views: 644 comments: 4

pocket sized paper kite
It's small , it's Cheap , It's the samllest flying toy you can make with some office supplies The materials and the Tools First of all Thanks f…
posted by acaz93 on Sep 27, 2006
3.15 (3 ratings) views: 8,534 comments: 16

Amazing Magic Arm Trick Video!!! Revised!!!
In this video you can learn how to make your arm actually shrink! Impress your friends and have fun!
posted by TeacherOfTheWays on Dec 21, 2007
views: 1,698 comments: 3

TV set cutout
How many times have you wanted to be on TV? Now you can be "in" the TV with this great TV set cutout/frame/stage. Can also be used as a …
posted by caitlinsdad on Jan 24, 2008
3.00 (1 ratings) views: 1,304 comments: 13

Dragonfly Afghan and Dragonfly Fisherman Sweater
I found this beautiful pattern to make this afghan in a magazine called CROCHET! It was a July 2006 issue and the pattern is called dragonfly Dream…
posted by capecodcrochet on Jan 28, 2008
3.15 (3 ratings) views: 421 comments: 13

m16a2 knex gun
Hey this is my M16A2 and it realy looks like a m16a2. My gun shoots about 10 to 27ft not bad. Its really accurate. I hope u love it.. And u can co…
posted by Undermig on Mar 10, 2008
3.50 (8 ratings) views: 2,133 comments: 87

Super banger
This is a simple but very very loud banger that I used to make as a child. It's easy to make from ordinary household materials and produces an incr…
posted by gudenuf on Apr 18, 2008
views: 273

Heart pop up card.
Make now an easy heart pop up card. http://www.metacafe.com/watch/853758/heart_popup_card/ for heart pocket look http://www.metacafe.com/watch/103…
posted by golics on Jan 14, 2008
3.15 (3 ratings) views: 2,542 comments: 2

How to paint a T-Shirt (successfully)
Painting a T-Shirt is a simple project that is great fun and very rewarding. It takes about an hour, although you can get it down to 30 minutes if …
posted by KaptinScarlet on Apr 28, 2008
3.00 (1 ratings) views: 1,054 comments: 1

FEATUREDHelp your baby to sleep ! Swaddling!
... Help your baby to sleep ... ...sleep long and calm... This is an old indians way... Swaddling.... http://www.metacafe.com/watch/886021/help_yo…
posted by golics on Jan 3, 2008
3.21 (4 ratings) views: 3,449 comments: 9

FEATUREDAmazing Dog Towel Wrap
As many people asked me to post the instructables along with the video, I have to re-submit this movie. Thanks for watching everyone! Materials …
posted by sorinescu on Dec 6, 2007
3.35 (7 ratings) views: 2,505 comments: 6

FEATUREDEasy bubble wand
All kids love playing with bubbles. Making bubbles? Easy! Just use a solution of washing up liquid. No wand? No problem! Here's how to make a …
posted by j-bar03 on May 17, 2008
3.09 (1 ratings) views: 1,707 comments: 2

FEATUREDMr. Instructables Head (R)
OK, so Santa forgot to give you all this classic retro stocking stuffer so I am going to show you how to make one... I was inspired by the Instruc…
posted by caitlinsdad on Jan 5, 2008
3.33 (11 ratings) views: 1,490 comments: 14

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FEATUREDmake a super cute and crafty baby mobile
i put this one together for a friend who is expecting shortly. mobile material i bought a large plastic bowl at walgreens. i needed something s…
posted by kazaam on May 31, 2008
3.00 (1 ratings) views: 1,336 comments: 7

FEATUREDHow to make cool shoes out of broken fins
Hi all, This is my first Instructable and I hope you like it. Last summer my dad bought me a pair of fins and I used them so much that they're bro…
posted by silver912targa on Jun 16, 2008
3.04 (3 ratings) views: 547 comments: 11

Bionicle Iron Man
Here, is a Bionicle Iron Man I made from Jaller and Hewkii. I think you could use Ignika instead of Hewkii. Pieces The pieces you will need are …
posted by Jaller... on Jun 9, 2008
3.09 (1 ratings) views: 167 comments: 4

How to Build a Cardboard Castle
Building a giant castle in your backyard is great for birthday parties or anytime you want to turn a weekend into magical childhood memories. And i…
posted by Mr. McGroovy on Mar 29, 2006
3.32 (15 ratings) views: 10,391 comments: 16

FEATUREDChildproof your Ikea chairs
I was happy with my unpronouncable Ikea chairs until the birth of my son. As all children he tends to spoil everything in the house. You can see th…
posted by chtinico on May 1, 2008
3.08 (2 ratings) views: 2,185 comments: 6

FEATUREDTotally Awesome Paper Airplane
How to build a paper airplane that can really soar, look cool, and impress!!! Foreword + Printout Guide Welcome to my first Toss-It entry and my…
posted by Taiku on Mar 17, 2008
3.29 (4 ratings) views: 5,820 comments: 12

FEATUREDClothespin dolls
How to create a doll out of a clothespin--easy and fun. Enjoy! Melissa http://underconstructionblog.typepad.com http://haworth.etsy.com Supplies…
posted by mdhaworth on Dec 12, 2007
3.07 (5 ratings) views: 3,428 comments: 7

Orgami Story Telling
This origami boat figure tells a story of a boy traveling on a boat while you fold it. This is the end figure but from start to finish there are 4…
posted by kirakane on Dec 14, 2007
3.00 (1 ratings) views: 2,228 comments: 5

Balloon Surfing
Stand on several balloons without making them pop! Try this EASY science experiment at home!
posted by johnnyrockstah on Dec 5, 2007
2.92 (3 ratings) views: 1,907 comments: 15

Nerf Gun Dart Mod
This gives your darts more speed. It's super simple and super safe (hee hee if you use them right hee hee). Materials What you need. Darts, gl…
posted by maxmaz2 on Jan 7, 2008
3.00 (1 ratings) views: 4,359 comments: 15

FEATUREDHow to Make Rock Candy
but not just any rock candy.... This is, boulder candy... Materials Sugar Water Large Pot Cotton String Skewer Stick, spoon or something that co…
posted by trebuchet03 on Jul 13, 2007
3.41 (19 ratings) views: 24,571 comments: 64

"Green" Plastic Toys
Today's plastics require oil to make but with the recent surge in oil prices and the negative externalities that result from burning oil, make maki…
posted by slappingpenguins on Jun 8, 2008
views: 1,186 comments: 11

FEATUREDBuild a water mortar II : design alternatives
This is a followup to my Build a water mortar instructable. It shows some design alternatives tried this weekend. Piston cap alternative I had …
posted by m32825 on Mar 17, 2008
3.08 (2 ratings) views: 5,048 comments: 21

FEATUREDEasy Doughnuts
Our intern Dana Walcott and her college roommates used to make these for late-night study breaks. She topped them with cinnamon. I've tried them wi…
posted by RealSimple.com on Aug 16, 2007
3.67 (32 ratings) views: 13,485 comments: 45

Cheap!, Warm!, Comfortable! Loungers
These were made from necessity. then a friend wanted one to wrap up in so I made her one for Christmas. This is how I come upon the idea. I need…
posted by sdeepthinker on Jan 6, 2008
2.92 (3 ratings) views: 502 comments: 1

Theme Blankets made with LOVE
Handmade Theme blankets for newborns. Made with LOVE. Pick your theme and colors and the rest is the fun part.
posted by enze37 on Feb 8, 2008
3.08 (2 ratings) views: 188 comments: 8

knex simple target
You can use this for nice target practice. And it works very simple. simple target You need to build this 2 times. the pices what you can hit…
posted by ferrari484 on Oct 1, 2007
3.15 (10 ratings) views: 1,229 comments: 48

Perfume Gun
This toy was an instant favorite from the moment its first loud Bang! and flash of orange flame launched the little black film can up to bounce off…
posted by ermak777 on Feb 14, 2008
3.08 (2 ratings) views: 1,247 comments: 6

Clean the Chewing Gum Stains Easily from Your Clothes! Ridiculous Easy!
We all like and need chewing gum (ok, some people like TicTacs only :) ) but oh boy do we hate it when gum gets on our clothes. It happened to me, …
posted by bluesman on May 10, 2008
3.00 (2 ratings) views: 644 comments: 10

Build A Nok Hockey Table
This was one of my favorites when I was a kid. However, after moving to the midwest from the northeast, no one here seemed to ever hear of Nok Hoc…
posted by lee_schnitz on Jul 28, 2007
3.27 (5 ratings) views: 3,316 comments: 8

Cheap and easy desk
My son is almost 8 now, and he had a nice little Crayola desk that my mom had bought for him to do his schoolwork at, and he had an old school desk…
posted by uberwald on Jul 27, 2006
3.33 (11 ratings) views: 20,341 comments: 12

FEATUREDAmazing Dog Towel Wrap
As many people asked me to post the instructables along with the video, I have to re-submit this movie. Thanks for watching everyone! Materials …
posted by sorinescu on Dec 6, 2007
3.35 (7 ratings) views: 2,505 comments: 6

This is a big project, it took me 4 days to complete, but I can't use my left arm to well cause of a surgery I had. so if your handy you could buil…
posted by THE GOOSE on Mar 3, 2008
3.08 (2 ratings) views: 830 comments: 5

How to Build a Cardboard Castle
Building a giant castle in your backyard is great for birthday parties or anytime you want to turn a weekend into magical childhood memories. And i…
posted by Mr. McGroovy on Mar 29, 2006
3.32 (15 ratings) views: 10,391 comments: 16

FEATUREDChildproof your Ikea chairs
I was happy with my unpronouncable Ikea chairs until the birth of my son. As all children he tends to spoil everything in the house. You can see th…
posted by chtinico on May 1, 2008
3.08 (2 ratings) views: 2,185 comments: 6

Clever Wallet
This wallet practically 'swallows' money. How to made magic wallet fast and easy. You need only cardboard glue and elastic band. A very nice magic…
posted by ermak777 on Feb 12, 2008
3.23 (5 ratings) views: 2,377 comments: 6

How to Recycle A Pillowcase
Learn how to convert a Pillowcase into a cute Dress
posted by giannyl on May 27, 2008
3.09 (1 ratings) views: 398 comments: 2

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