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What WE require
Tuesday, May 4, 2010 at 5:33am
1. As usual, cash. This is required for many things, from the basic day to day matters to the major plans. If we can do all our activities for this year, we need RM18,000.

2. We need a larger place and there is a piece of land for sale, for RM60,000. We have asked our YB James (our Member of Parliament) for help and still waiting for news.

3. We dream of having our own place, which we can get help from the Welfare Dept to build.. once we have our own piece of land.

4. We need transport to pick up kids from the villages. We have asked Rotary and our YB James, but no news yet. If we get a transport, we need funds for its maintenance.

5. We need food. This is for the kids and parents that come to our center. This can be rice, sugar, tea, coffee, milk (for kids and sweetened milk), food in tin, dried noodles, vegetables, meat, fish. We also have classes for the kids to learn to cook (what we have) and then eat together.

6. We would love to have free doctor/dentist/physiotherapist services. Maybe just see them and advise us what need to be done for the kids and we can then work with the hospitals.

7. Small presents for the members - such as chocolates, small toys, games that they can take home with them to enjoy and play.

8. Someone to provide haircuts and even to train them in this.

9. Someone to provide training in simple things like baking, handicraft, sewing.

10. Someone to help market the products made by the members so that we can have some funds.

11. We need to find jobs for the older kids, something simple. Therefore we need someone to give them the opportunity for a job as well as the necessary training.Updated about 2 months ago · Comment · Like
What can YOU do

Tuesday, May 4, 2010 at 5:19am

1. Inform all whom you know about our needs.

2. Provide us with what we require.

3. Join us in our weekly Friday visits to the poorer members / those that can't come to the rehab center to:
a. see how they live
b. see what you can do to help
c. provide help in the form of canned food
d. provide help in the form of working with the families in cleaning, repairing or upgrading of the houses.

4. Join us at the rehab center to:
a. help our staff in training the members in various forms that is required, from as simple as just sitting down with them to specific rehab training.
b. help our staff in maintaining the place

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