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software and hardware for persons with special needs

RJ Cooper & Associates, Inc.
Software and Hardware for Persons with Special Needs

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Hi! I'm RJ Cooper and I make special software and hardware products for persons with special needs. For general info about my company, including prices, click here.

Also you may find info about our popular FREE RoadTrips!


New Items

iPad versus netbook comparison

iPad Speaker and Bumper Case

iPad Stand and Mounts - the perfect positioning solutions!

Mini-Keyboard/Trackpad - 'Text' your text to your computer!

Switch-Adapted DVD Player - At *your* request, yet another switch adaptation :)

Gift Certificates - Give someone something they need!

Switch-Adapted Guitar Hero guitars - for all game consoles!

Talk 'n Scan Calculator- new advanced mode with square root, exponents, and parentheses added (built-in scanning!)

2 CooperCars available - the world-famous adaptive vehicle for even the most severely disabled children

Laptop Keyboard Cover - Finally, a way to make your laptop a truly appropriate station

ChinCheeka Dual Switch - 2 in one chin/cheek switch

Switch-Adapted Voice Recorder - digital, with hours of recording time

Mouse Button-Box - Control your cursor, with buttons!

JokeMaster 2 - switch-adapted joke-teller

Game Controller options- Several new choices for adapting XBox 360, PS3, and other game controllers

Dual Button Box - 2 switches in 1 box, for digital camera/MP3 or computer step-scan

Switch Poser - 'poses' (positions) your switch(es)

Switch-Adapted Digital Camera - reasonably priced, with optional positioning arm

Application Clicker - makes cause/effect activities out of websites, DVD's, videos, and music

Keyboard Stand - holds BigKeys, Keys-U-See, and Fusion at perfect angle

My Auggies always get rave reviews so please check out my integrated AAC devices!

Switch-Adapted Flip Camcorder - Just what it sounds like

Switch-Adapted Call Chime - Low tech way for a switch user to call for attention

Switch-Adapted MP3 Player/USB Drives - up to 2 GB!

Resource Links- Some real hand-picked free sites with stuff for deaf, blind, children, and more

Cordless Switch Interface - Very reasonably priced way to cordlessly connect switch(es) to a computer

Mini-SwitchPort - Price reductions and 5 pack available (as low as $50/switch interface!)

Forums - For Sale, Want-to-Buy, Newsletter Archive, and Testimonials!

Cole's Story and our free (for a time) new Pointer - See pictures and hear about making Cole successful!

Game Controllers - Finally, appropriate game controllers for game boxes (XBox 360, PS3, XBox/PS2/GameCube)

Keys-U-See - super-bright, LARGE PRINT, keyboard with my Left/Right Separator and a keyboard skin!

WordComplete - helper for slow typists, people with LD, poor spellers, and/or those that need word suggestions.

New Graphics for Early & Advanced Switch Games, Point To Pictures, Children's and Teenage Switch Progressions, and Biggy/Biggy-Light!

Fusion portable talking note-taker - with built-in text-to-speech and included speaker, for LD, AAC, and soon for blind

BIG iPod Remote - an 8" x 5" box with BIG buttons on it for controlling iPods, without any wires!

Beeper Box - a simple beep-when-activated box for testing switches and/or Morse Code!

Thunder-RJ - Screenreader-on-a-stick!

My Auggies always get rave reviews so please check out my integrated AAC devices!

BigCalc - GIANT, talking calculator with keyguard and flip-stand!

Giant Remote - Finally, an affordable, BIG remote for all entertainment devices (TV, DVD, etc.)

CooperCar resurrected! - Adaptive vehicle for even the most severely challenged!

BigKeys Left/Right Separator - Great way for learners to self-correct on hunting/pecking with BigKeys BIG keyboard

Free MP3 Bit-rate Converter - for podcasts, or any large MP3's

Super-Switch - One switch to do it all. It's both a great BIG switch and a switch interface, all in one! Even works with adapted toys and appliances!

Mac OS X! Finally, hybrid installers (native OS X/OS 9 & earlier) for most of my software! Any reference to "ALL Macs" means it's good to go!

Thunder-RJ - Screenreader-on-a-stick!

Emily's Cookbook - Honor Wayne's memory by supporting his widow!

SlantBoard - positions our Auggies, BigKeys, IntelliKeys 'just right' :)

EADL Package - Electronic Aids for Daily Living (ECU) - Finally, an inexpensive, PC-based way of controlling TV, DVD, any IR (infrared) operated device AND *anything* electrical through X10.

PTP-PC - Our own AAC talking software that does a good job of competing with the 'big boys'!

Stick & Suck - a great way to 'stick' switches and stuff around, so they stay in place, but are instantly movable!

Switch Kit - easy to make functional CD switches for workshops (or use)

Talk-Aid - sometimes messing with AAC is simply unnecessary! Check out our compact and effective alternative!

Desktop Protector - without hassling with Users, protect your Desktop (Windows, Mac OS X) with just one hotkey!

Speak to Me! - command & control by voice recognition for dysarthia (non-typical speech)

Cordless Switch Interface for Mini-Auggie - using our AAC software on our Mini-Auggie, the user can now be a switch user for auto or step-scanning.

SlantBoard - a nice, sturdy way of positioning our AAC devices or BigKeys

Auggie AAC device rental program - reasonably priced, and may be applied to purchase price

SAM-Cordless - new smaller 'dongle' type receiver for this cordless switch interface

DeskMount - *very* sturdy desk mount for our Auggie/Super-Auggie AAC devices

Compact Switch - 1" round switch with Velcro Strap

RJ's DVD Book - by popular request, RJ (with Bryan) has authored a detailed 'book' on using tech with those with significant challenges. This is the only resource we know that has text *and* video of actual techniques with learners!

JokeMaster - inexpensive, portable, switch-adapted joke box

Mini-SwitchPort - (formerly Switchy) very inexpensive, mini switch interface

Auggie - NEW mid-range addition! Finally, 3 new Augmentative Communication devices that don't 'break the bank'

Mini-Arm - Small, short positioning arm for switch

Switch-Click and Mini-Click - USB switches (no interface needed) Mac/Win

SmartClick - finally finished our dwell-clicking utility for Windows


Want to be inspired? Click here for Wayne's page.


Still Relatively New Items

CrossScannerX for Mac OS 10 - completely control your computer with 1 or 2 switches

2+2 - new question/answer mode for algebraic equations, a number line, and other feature additions

Flopper Stopper - a possible way to prevent head 'flopping' and get instant switch access

Talk 'n Scan Calculator - simple talking and scanning calculator

CD Scan & Play - simple, talking, scanning audio cd player software

New Biggy Upgrade for Windows - BIG Cursors and sounds!


Biggy for Mac OS X (10.2 and greater)- BIG Cursors for Mac OS X


Point To Pictures Studio - the only program we know of that truly addresses the very early functioning learner with 'concrete' needs. AND we have added some great new text oriented options for 'higher' learners. AND we have added a *super* clipPhoto library of 10,000 real-life photographs!


SwitchMan! - cause/effect animations with a built-in 'friend'


Magic Arm Device Adapter - NEW way to mount all sorts of stuff to our Magic Arm


ICanEmail - NEW Large print, talking, *simple* email program


SmartNav - head control of your computer!

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