Monday, May 10, 2010


Free Mini-Games from Mindplay
Some of Mindplay's previous educational games included little mini-games and exercises. Below are some of those mini-games.

They are free for you to download and use. They are playable by themselves and do not require the original game to run.

Mindplay does not provide any technical support for the mini-games.

Download times will vary depending on the file size and the speed of your modem. If you have problems downloading, please send e-mail to


Click-n-Color™ Counting with Tiny™
Download Mac Version
file size: 1.34 MB Download Mac Version
file size: 660 KB
Download Windows Version
file size: 1.37 MB Download Windows Version
file size: 826 KB

Leaping Numbers™ Pattern Joust™
Download Mac Version
file size: 829 KB Download Mac Version
file size: 1.25 MB
Download Windows Version
file size: 1.12 MB Download Windows Version
file size: 1.28 MB

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