Sunday, July 22, 2007


21 Quick Kids Crafts Ideas
Balloon Plants
CD Fish
CD Sun-catcher
Coloured Pasta Shapes
Decoupage Soaps
Dish Cloth Britches
Flower Hair Bands
Flower Pen Pot
Glass Stick-Ons
Glittering Heart Brooch
Grass Head
Jazzing Up A Candle
Jellybean Jar
Knot An Angel
Little Treasure Box
Milk Carton Craft Ideas
Old Fashioned Lavender Bottle.
Recycled Chalkboard
Recycled Foam Dice
Ridged/Ringed Knit Chemo Cap
Rolled Brim Chemo Cap
Survival Kit - Guardian Angel
Treasure Rocks
Tulle Pot Pourri Round
Wooden Heart Frame
Sensory Back to top
Balloon Bounce Game
Balloon Pinata Game
Bubble Paint
Butterfly Mobile
Chocolate Playdough
Coffee Playdough
Comfort Smarties
Dream Pillow
Earth Worm Puppet
Edible Kids Slime
Flower Reminiscence Game
Fragrant Paper
Fragrant Rocks
Handy Hand Towel
Herbal Tea Party Activity
Juggling Balls
Magic Wax Painting
Marshmallow Throw Game
Memory Calendar
Microwave Playdough
Music Therapy
Paper Towel Dying
Pasta Crafts
Pasta Mosaics
Pasta Paper Maraca
Plastic Cup Maracas
Playdough Keepsakes
Prayer stone
Sand Painting
Sensory Facials Activity
Shaving Cream Art
Shoe Card
Slimy Goop
Smelly Cinnamon Socks Decoration
Smelly Socks
Squishy Balloon Balls
String Painting
Summer Twirl-a-jig
Warm Fuzzy Friends
Wax Wrapped Candles
Wheelchair Painting
Woven Wool Art
Christmas Back to top
Candy Wreath
Choir Girl
Easy Pomander Ball
Lolly Tree - Cone
Orange Cloves Christmas Ball
Quick Christmas Napkin Holders
Recycled Christmas Wreath
Sparkling Votive Candle Holders
Educational Back to top
Aboriginal Hand Prints
Around the World Activity
Beach Outing
Bush BBQ Outing
Classroom Frogs
Classroom Window Painting
Dinosaur Treasure Eggs
Go Fish Learning Activity
Memory Game
Mirror Learning Activity
Preschool Poems
Rain Stick
Sink or Float Water Play
Space Cadet Dress Up
Special Occasion Theme Days


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